My “Sad California” playlist – Part 1

When we decided to move from Germany to California, of course I immedately started to compile a “mix tape” for the occasion. And me being me, it of course tended to be more on the dark, sad, melancholy side.

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5 electronic cover versions you should hear before saying “covers are boring”

I really like cover versions if they add something to the original, if they turn it around a bit, interpret it. Because, let’s be honest, a Rock cover of a Rock song might be nice, but it’s not too special. But a Reggae cover of a Heavy Metal song is something different 🙂

And there are tons of great cover versions out there and unfortunately I can’t know them all. I wish… But here are five (electronic) cover versions that I really like and that can restore your faith in cover versions – just in case you’re bored by the umpteenth folkie cover of another folkie 😉 Continue reading “5 electronic cover versions you should hear before saying “covers are boring””

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