5 songs everyone recognizes but don’t know the artist

Don’t you hate that: You know the song you’re just hearing but can’t remember the title or who the artist is. Well, you’re not alone – and there’s a big amount of songs that most people recognize, but don’t know the title, let alone the artist’s name. “Popcorn” probably is the perfect example: Everyone knows the bouncy melody, but who can honestly say, who recorded it? Some might know the version by Hot Butter – but that’s not the original…


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5 songs you didn’t know were written by Pet Shop Boys

Not all famous artists write their songs themselves – but there’s a lot that do. And although I’m really interested in the “who wrote what”, there’s of course many where I don’t know that they were written by somebody else. Shame on me, I only discovered after his death, that Prince wrote The Bangles’ “Manic Monday”.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

One of my favorite synthpop bands are Pet Shop Boys, and although I knew the obvious songs they wrote for other artists like Liza Minelli (“Losing My Mind”) and Dusty Springfield (“In Private”), there are more songs besides the big hits, that they wrote and not always recorded themselves later.

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5 electronic cover versions you should hear before saying “covers are boring”

I really like cover versions if they add something to the original, if they turn it around a bit, interpret it. Because, let’s be honest, a Rock cover of a Rock song might be nice, but it’s not too special. But a Reggae cover of a Heavy Metal song is something different 🙂

And there are tons of great cover versions out there and unfortunately I can’t know them all. I wish… But here are five (electronic) cover versions that I really like and that can restore your faith in cover versions – just in case you’re bored by the umpteenth folkie cover of another folkie 😉 Continue reading “5 electronic cover versions you should hear before saying “covers are boring””

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